Creekside Kids
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Early Learning
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Creekside Kids provides high-quality early-childhood education for children 2 1/2 through 8 years of age based on the child's needs and interests in a Reggio Emilia inspired setting. We started operations in response to the needs of the Cheyenne Mountain School District's preschool families who require extended care while attending D-12's preschool. We also provide flexible hourly and full time care for children who are not in the district's preschool. Though we operate in the Canon School, we are not part of the Cheyenne Mountain School District.

Space Foundation STARS Program
(Science, Technology and Academic Readiness for Space) ran for five weeks in the spring of 2010. It provided an excellent learning experience through hands-on space activities. Our center was part of the pilot project of the STARS program to develop science curriculum for students pre-K to age 8. Our curriculum is strongly influenced by the Space Foundation's early childhood curriculum.

During the 2010-2011 school year, our center was part of the curriculum test program developed for the
Peep and the Big World
educational outreach. This science-based curriculum includes literacy and math as well as long-term, hands-on, inquiry-based study of science topics such as:

   * Color and light
   * Ramps and inclined planes
   * Plants
   * Seasons
   * Units of Measure
   * Physical properties of water

Phonological awareness (foundational pre-reading education) also features as an important part of our curriculum. Our older students (4 and up) participate in a game-based study of phonological awareness. We stress skills that are tested as part of the
Dibels Assessment, used by Cheyenne Mountain School District in grades K through 6.

During Cheyenne Mountain School District's Spring Break, the center has a science based camp to offer families opportunities to keep their children engaged in a safe and nurturing environment.  This year is Silly Science.

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